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Other Services and Offerings

Our team offers a variety of options to provide a sleek, attractive finish to your unfinished concrete floors. We’ve conducted ample research to ensure we’re providing all our customers in Cincinnati with the best floor coating services and products possible. However, standard epoxy may not be on everyone’s short list for their floors. We offer other options as well so you can get the finished look you’ve always imagined.

Metallic Epoxy Coating

If you want your floors to stand out, metallic epoxy is a great choice. Metallic flakes are added to a clear epoxy, and the natural, fluid movement of pouring the epoxy helps create an one-of-a-kind, unrepeatable pattern. Your unique floors have all the benefits of standard color epoxy coatings, with a more stylish and stimulating design. Plus, it creates a more durable finish than other methods like concrete staining can provide. Our variety of colors can provide the custom look you’ve always wanted, and each installation includes our Lifetime Peeling Warranty to ensure your floors stay beautiful for the life of your structure.

completed metallic epoxy flooring with red marbled finish

Concrete Polishing

For a cost-effective way to cover blemishes on concrete floors, concrete polishing is a great option. Our multi-step process can result in different levels of polish based on your desired floor aesthetic, so whether you’re looking for a satin finish or high-gloss, concrete polishing can be a great option. You’ll never need to wax your floors once they’re finished, and cleanup is as easy as wiping up spills and messes with a towel. Concrete polishing is a very involved process including heavy-duty grinding equipment to create the correct finished look, so choosing an expert team like The Garage Floor Company is crucial to creating your desired finish.

Commercial Epoxy Applications

Commercial spaces get a lot of extra foot traffic, not to mention storing, using, and moving heavy equipment or for-sale products. The team at The Garage Floor Company has installed epoxy coating and polished concrete floors for a variety of commercial businesses, including car dealerships, bars & restaurants, mechanic shops, airplane hangars, salons & barber shops, and more. Epoxy and polished concrete floors keep your space looking professional while maintaining an easily cleanable space where your customers and employees alike will be happy to spend their time.


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